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Thermoformed doors, drawers and panels are a high quality, hard wearing and practical choice for your kitchen cabinetry. A cost-effective option that delivers a seamless edge and a surface finish that won't chip and scratch like lacquer can.

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Dezignatek offers a fast five-day turnaround from order to despatch for its range of melamine, acrylic, HPL and paint-ready doors. We can produce a hidden 45 degree edge for melamine and acrylic doors and have one of the the largest selections of melamine laser edging on the market.


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We're pleased introduce an innovative bendable panel range called Swurves™.   Swurves is a much more cost-effective and easy way to achieve fluted curved panels than the more traditional and time-consuming joinery options. Swurves have thermoformed vinyl...

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We're delighted to announce the introduction of six new on-trend door profiles to our extensive range. Five are available as thermoformable vinyl doors or as paint-ready, with a sixth option available as a paint-ready only. In a continuation of the trend...

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Need help or want to see our work?

Whether you're a joinery or design professional wanting help with your project, or want to see some finished products, we can point you in the right direction.

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