Dezignatek Cambridge Oak on Prague Profile. Kitchen Inspirations for Precision Homes.

Dezignatek Thermoform


With a comprehensive range of 45 colours including 12 new additions, all the design bases are covered. Textures include a mix of matt, satin, texture, suede and gloss. All our solid colours have Eco Choice Aotearoa accreditation.

Dezignatek Thermoform

Series 1 Profiles

Dezignatek's Series 1 profiles are all about elegance and simplicity. A mix of classic shapes that includes our Milan Square profile with a scallop handle option to meet the current demand for sleek handle-less cabinetry.

Dezignatek Thermoform

Series 2

Dezignatek's Series 2 profiles feature a range of designs covering the traditional shaker-style profile and more intricate shapes that satisfy a need for design differentiation.

Dezignatek Thermoform

Series 3

Dezignatek's Series 3 features a range of profiles that are strong in their detailing, creating a real design impact for any kitchen cabinetry. See a camera icon?  Click to view installation shots for that profile.

Dezignatek Thermoform


Create curves with ease with our Swurves™ bendable, lightweight panels. All panels are custom-made and thermoformed with a vinyl wrap on 4mm MDF.

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Whether you're a joinery or design professional wanting help with your project, or want to see some finished products, we can point you in the right direction.

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