Thermoform Designer White Satin. Designer: Heather Wood, Stewart Scott Cabinetry 

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11 April 2022 General News

New showroom open in Auckland

Dezignatek has opened its first ever showroom in the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell, Auckland. Designed primarily to help architects and designers work with their clients, the showroom features top selling door profiles, the entire thermoform vinyl colour ...

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01 March 2022 Product Updates

Colour pick-me up with 4 new thermoform additions

Last year we were pleased to introduce a bold new range of pastel and dark thermoform colours into the Dezignatek range.   And now we offer a little pick-me-up for Autumn with four more tones to provide even more creative scope. Our new colours include a...

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22 February 2022 General News

New Eco Samples

Dezignatek is reducing waste in its production area by making door samples using spare space on its thermoform presses when it makes client orders. While the door sample colour may change randomly, designers and joiners will receive the exact door profile...

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07 July 2021 General News

NKBA winner features Villa Blue

This divine kitchen in Villa Blue thermoform pared with the Kawhia profile earned Designer Michelle McAnulty an NKBA Excellence in Design Award for 2021.  Michelle, from Beaver Kitchens in Whakatane, won the Bay of Plenty category for this kitchen renovat...

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27 June 2021 Product Updates

Two new profiles boost design options

Two new profile doors have been added to our Series 3 range that are right on trend and answer a growing demand for thin frame or fluted doors.  Fluted profiles such as the new Prague door look amazing for both kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and can also...

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06 November 2020 Sustainability

Dezignatek Thermoform doors gain Environmental Choice tick

Dezignatek’s Thermoform solid colour range has been given the Environmental Choice NZ tick.  Made using a high quality HDF substrate exclusive to Dezignatek, solid colours represent around 85% of the Thermoform vinyl range.  Edged Prime HPL doors and Pri...

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28 September 2020 Product Updates

Launch of our new thermoform colour range

We're excited to announce our biggest ever colour release with 16 great new designs being added to our thermoform vinyl range, including some gorgeous new pastels. The new additions have expanded the thermoform range to 47 colours.    If you're keen to ...

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24 September 2020 General News

Our new video shows how thermoform doors are made

If you've ever wanted to know exactly how Thermoform vinyl doors are made, then our new production video could be just what you need.   We've filmed every step in the  process so you can see the precise attention to quality throughout the Dezignatek produ...

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20 May 2019 Product Updates

Profile offer reviewed to focus on best sellers

Dezignatek has simplified its Thermoform product offer with a reduced range of profiles that focus on the top sellers and which now include four of the most popular profiles made by sister company Arborline.    This takes advantage of production synergies...

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01 May 2019 Product Updates

New 45 degree edge for melamine and acrylic

Dezignatek’s new 45 degree edge bander makes it easier to achieve a sleek, handle-less profile.    With a huge demand for hidden handles, we can now offer a 45 degree bevel edge for melamine doors and a 45 degree straight option for acrylic doors. The ne...

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15 November 2018 General News

What you should know about gloss acrylic

The high gloss acrylic offered by Dezignatek has a glass-like mirror finish without the imperfections and reflection distortions associated with other finishes such as high gloss lacquer or gloss coatings. The acrylic panels are manufactured by Prime Pan...

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13 March 2018 Product Updates

Scallop handle for Milan Square profile

Given hidden handles are so popular, Dezignatek has introduced a scallop handle which can be used with the clean lines of the Milan Square profile. There are two options for the scallop handle - one that is a fixed width of 140mm (Scallop 140) and the ot...

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02 March 2018 Product Updates

New matt acrylics right here and right on trend..

We've just added five gorgeous new matt colours to the 10 gloss Prime Acrylic colours launched last year. Soft to touch, these acrylics provide a sophisticated finish and have the highest level of scratch and uv resistance available on the market.

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